Trade Merchant

Trade Merchant is where to obtain rare items from various places around the world. This feature is available at the near end of Chapter 2 - Interlude and can be accessed from Lloyd's shop.


Trade Merchant requires to spend Libra to send Lloyd's contact to any part of the world to obtain rare items. The number of days it takes for the merchant to return and the cost of the expedition depends on the region. Take note that "one day" is equivalent to Arnice completing her day activities. Once the time is up, talk to Lloyd to obtain one of the two items can get from the region where the merchant sent to.

There is a skill called "Trade Cost Less" that lowers the expedition cost up to half. This skill is available once Arnice reaches Level 6. The story progress will also decrease the amount of days from specific regions.

List of Trade ItemsEdit

Region Trade Estimated Time Dispatch Cost
North America Totem Necklace
4 Days 3600
America War Bonnet
Rusty Horseshoe
6 Days 3900
Central America Big Stone Balls
12 Days 31600
Caribbean Islands Old Gold Coin
12 Days 24000
South America Crystal Skull
Macaw's Tailfeather
12 Days 26000
Arctic Ocean Narwhal's Tusk
Sea Serpent's Tooth
2 Days 1040
England Top Hat
Leviathan's Fin
1 Day 380
Western Europe Worn Tarot Card
French Doll
2 Days 1000
Scandinavia Runestone
Screaming Painting
2 Days 940
North Sea Nutcracker
Ancient Dragon Bone
1 Day 400
Mediterranean Basin Blood Spear
2 Days 1200
Western Russia Matryoshka Doll
Faberge Egg
2 Days 2200
Eastern Europe Colossus Fragment
Pyramid Slab
6 Days 6000
Africa Beast King's Mane
Gold Bar
6 Days 10500
Middle East Mermaid's Tear
8 Days 16000
Eastern Russia Alexandrite
Fluffy Hat
6 Days 6000
India Blue Diamond
Pigeon Blood Ruby
8 Days 16000
Far East Iron Shoes
12 Days 16400
Southeast Asia Koteka
15 Days 17500
Oceania Boomerang
Red Coral
15 Days 30000