The Bulletin Board is a list of tasks or projects to be accomplished around the wiki. If you are willing to help out and are not sure where to start, you can check this bulletin board for projects that are in progress.

Discuss, suggest, edit, talk of what improvements can be added. Members of the wiki can add onto this bulletin board, or remove when the task is completed or no longer necessary.

General tasksEdit



Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit. See Help:Editing for some tips.

  • Spelling and grammar checks.
  • Adding textual content that helps expand a page. This information must be official, factual, and informative.
  • Check url links to see if they properly function and go to the intended target, if they do not, note what urls are not working in the comments section.
  • Add links to and from orphaned pages so they are easier to find.

To-do listEdit

  • Improve/create infoboxes e.g. character, monster, transformation etc.
  • Create needed pages, e.g. Saint, Nightlord, Ruswal, etc.
  • Expand stubs sections.
  • Add Nights of Azure 2 content.
  • Come up with something to make the main page look more "complete".
  • Low-priority pages (company & VA pages).