Nightmare Form
Nightmare form artwork-0
Japanese Name ナイトメアフォーム
Romanization Naitomea Fōmu
Gender Female
Class Transformation
Appears In Nights of Azure

Nightmare Form (ナイトメアフォーム) is the final and one of Arnice's Transformations, available only after beating the game once. Arnice becomes an overpowering demonic creature that can reap lives.


She has ghostly white skin, long white hair that reaches down to her knees, and a spiked black crown upon her brow. Her right eye is glowing red, her left is a pale blue, and her sclera are black. She wears a twisted black bodysuit with several openings along the sides, with matching clawed gloves and boots. She also has two great wings, which she uses in combat to hurl several projectiles at rapid speed.