Goodbye, Arnice...
— Lilysse[1]
Japanese Name リュリーティス
Romanization Ryuriitisu
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Orange
Class Saint
Waitress (part-time)
Affiliation Curia
Voiced By Flag of Japan Hiromi Igarashi
Appears In Nights of Azure

Lilysse (リュリーティス), sometimes called Lily, is a Saint in Nights of Azure, who is destined to seal what remains of the Nightlord. She is Arnice's lover.


Lilysse is a busty woman of average height with wavy ginger hair that reaches her waist and a braid to the side in a bun. With amber eyes, her attire consists of a three-layered ruffled and sleeveless magenta skirt with golden accents. It is seemingly held together by the bow on her left hip which wraps around her waist. Over it is there a small off-white, open-front cardigan. A second white lace and cropped cardigan is worn over that, having a lace dark-brown loop attached to the left sleeve. The outfit is completed with brown stockings, a pair of white lace heels, flower ornamented bracelets and dark brown flower in her hair.

When visited at Ende Hotel her attire changes to a maid's apron and headpiece.


Lilysse is a kind and gentle girl. She cares for the people closest to her and is willing to even sacrifice her own life to protect them. She is quite stubborn at times when it involves Arnice's safety and her duties as the current Saint.

As the Saint whose fate is to seal the remains of the Nightlord, Lilysse has to sacrifice her life to do it. She accepted her destiny with Curia's expectations of her in mind.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Read at your own discretion.


  • Arnice - Lilysse's closest friend since boarding school. She cares for Arnice and often worries about her safety during her missions.
  • Simon - Requested Simon to work at the hotel during her free time from her Saint duties. Simon assigned her as the cafe's waitress.




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