Is there anything troubling you?
— Kaede
Japanese Name カエデ
Romanization Kaede
Gender Female
Class Tricker
Voiced By Flag of Japan Konami Saito
Appears In Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

Kaede (カエデ) is a Japanese doll Tricker Servan and supporting character in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. She can be recruited to Aluche's party after completing "Shikigami's Adventure" sub quest in Chapter 3 and report back to her.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Read at your own discretion.


Kaede was once owned by a young girl from the far east, until the girl's parents took and thrown Kaede away after the latter gained a will of her own due to the Blue Blood. She was later found by Camilla Alucard and took her in to Hotel Eterna. To repay Camilla's kindness, Kaede take a job as hotel receptionist, as well as fight alongside her new master. Kaede was also mentored by Hinagiku about using Shikigami, not only Kaede can use Shikigami for her fighting abilities, she can also use them as employees at the hotel.

Events of Nights of Azure 2Edit

After Camilla brought Aluche and Ruenheid to the hotel, Kaede introduce herself to the guests.

Later after Aluche was brought back at the hotel unconscious, Kaede sent her three Shikigami to the city and search for Liliana. However, none of them find Liliana, and they end up missing and being attacked by fiends. The three Shikigami are saved by Aluche and brought them back at the hotel.

In the "Shikigami's Adventure" sub quest, the three Shikigami want payback against the fiends. Kaede sent Aluche to help them so they don't end up being the ones get hurt. After killing all fiends at the Drawbridge, Aluche and the three Shikigami returned back to the hotel. Kaede thanked Aluche for helping, she also would like to go out with the Aluche, but Kaede hesitate to ask at first until one of the Shikagami encourage her. Aluche then accept Kaede's request, the latter will also bring all Shikigami to ensure none of them mess around at the hotel.

In the true ending with epilogue, Kaede fully prepared the hotel's guest rooms. Camilla ordered Kaede to take some rest while she still can.


Kaede is wise, polite and well-mannered. She is also very loyal and devoted to Camilla for accepting her.

Collection EntryEdit

A fiend formed when Blue Blood adhered to a doll made in an island nation to the far east. She uses sorcery from her homeland to fight her foes. She was loved by the young girl who previously owned her, and was treated with great care. However, the girl's parents grew superstitious about her after Kaede gained a will of her own due to the Blue Blood, taking her from the girl despite her objections and throwing her away. It was then that Camilla found and took Kaede in. To this day, Kaede is devoted to repaying Camilla for accepting her.


The Priestess' Shadow Stitch: Shadow binds the targeted enemy, restricting their attacks and movement.