A Servan that excels at healing and support. It addresses Arnice as Master, and cherishes Arnice more than just a master-Servan relationship. It stays close to Arnice during battle in order to support her right away.
— Website Description[1]
Japanese Name ノーミード
Romanization Nōmīdo
Gender Female
Class Magic
Factor Phantom Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish Pressed Flowers
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In Nights of Azure

Gnomid (ノーミード) is a magic-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice in Nights of Azure.


  • Laulla
  • Leon
  • Uldis
  • Badri
  • Groll
  • Split
  • Fulworth
  • Autumn
  • Poob
  • Espri


  • Protection: (Servan) Create a defensive area and cure status.
  • Protection II: (Burst) Heals negative status and creates defensive area.
  • Healing: Recover Arnice's HP.
  • Grand Rush: Attack enemies in a small area with a stone pillar.
  • Grand Upper: Attack enemies in a small area with multiple stone pillar.



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