Blueblood Maiden Milaya
Blueblood Maiden Milaya
Japanese Name 蒼血の乙女 ミレイア
Romanization Aoichi no Otome Mireia
Location Church of the Defiant God
Appears In Nights of Azure

Blueblood Maiden Milaya (蒼血の乙女 ミレイア) is a large fiend and fourth boss in Nights of Azure.


Battle TipsEdit


  • Death Scythe: Swing your scythe to attack enemies.
  • Throwing Dagger: Place a floating dagger that goes flying after a delay.
  • Dancing Dagger: Twirl daggers to attack surrounding enemies.
  • Requiem Dance: Deal multiple hits with your scythe. Each hit restores HP.
  • Holy Vault: Attack with paralyzing lightning.
  • Punishing Dagger: Throw an enormous amount of daggers at the enemy.