Alstromeria Painting
Japanese Name アルストロメリア
Romanization Arusutoromeria
Race Human (formerly)
Fiend (currently)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue (formerly)
Red (currently)
Hair Color Red-Orange (formerly)
Purple (currently)
Class Holy Knight/Priestess (formerly)
Affiliation Curia (formerly)
Appears In Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

Alstromeria (アルストロメリア) is a minor character in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. Not much is known about Alstromeria, but the story about her can be explored in Chapter 5 and also in "Time Drifts Through the Moonlit Night" DLC.


At first glance, Alstromeria looks a lot like Aluche, but with minor differences from the latter. Her hair color was a mix of red and orange, and her eye colors are blue.

Her outfit shown in the painting is a black colored and long-sleeved gothic lolita dress, with brown ribbon to her neck, and a black corset to her waist.

As a shadow-type Fiend and memory fragment in the present, Alstromeria's entire body has been turned into black while keeping her human shape intact. Her hair color was turned into purple, and her eye colors are turned into glowing red. She doesn't wear clothes, leaving her body completely naked.



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