Hey, hey! I'm really bored! Play with me!
— Alice
Japanese Name アリス
Romanization Arisu
Gender Female
Class Striker
Voiced By Flag of Japan Michiyo Murase
Appears In Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon

Alice (アリス) is a western doll Striker Servan in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. She can be recruited to Aluche's party after completing "Alice of the Saint's Forest" sub quest in Chapter 5 and report back to Kaede.

Alice of the Saint's ForestEdit

Kaede sent Aluche to the Saint's Forest to rescue her friend, Alice. She was surrounded and cornered by a group of Bee-type fiends in Forest Road Exit. Aluche make it in time and successfully saved Alice, and the two of them returned back to Hotel Eterna. At the hotel, Alice thanked Aluche personally and join the latter's party as a gratitude.

Collection EntryEdit

A bisque doll fiend. As a mirror, Alice can reflect any magic attack. Before becoming a fiend, she was sold for high prices due to her cuteness, passing between the hands of many aristocrats. As a result, she believes she's the cutest in the world, and has a rather haughty attitude that one can get away with anything if they're cute. She's actually incredibly lonely at heart, throwing tantrums if nobody pays attention to her. She gradually grows more modest.


Weapon Form: Mirror Shield: A weapon that excels at defense. Can charge power to unleash strong attacks. The shield can also be raised to deflect the enemy's ranged attacks.