This mysterious blue crystal is said to be crystalized Blue Blood. It is too dangerous for human hands, but can be used to bestow power to Servans.
— Ability Change Description
Ability Change

Ability Change (or simply known as "Mark") is a unique fetish that change Servan's native ability in Nights of Azure.

Just like Fetish, Marks can be found as rare drops or won in Arena Challenges (one time each). All Marks, however, can be obtained easily in the Hall of Infinite Darkness.

List of MarksEdit

Image Name Effect
AC001 Mark of Resolve Area attacks and status resistance.
AC002 Mark of Agility Increased movement speed.
AC003 Mark of Skillfulness Increased Servan Burst power.
AC004 Mark of Symphaty Powering up to Arnice's level.
AC005 Mark of Fitness Increased HP level up growth.
AC006 Mark of Spirit Increased SP level up growth.
AC007 Mark of Attack Increased ATK level up growth.
AC008 Mark of Defense Increased DEF level up growth.
AC009 Mark of Maturation Increased level cap to 11.
AC010 Mark of Repair Reduced death revival time.
AC011 Mark of Heaviness Resist being launched.
AC012 Mark of Resistance Resist being launched.
AC013 Mark of Satisfaction Always critical on summon skills.
AC014 Evil Mark of Freedom Increased level cap to 15.
AC015 Evil Mark of Undeath Revive from death with 50% HP.
AC016 Evil Mark of Tyranny Increase critical chance by 50%.